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Glasses pinoy

glasses pinoy

29 Dec One of the newest sunglass trends in Hollywood is Pinoy powered -- right down to the name. Kahoy Kollections has become a must-have in Hollywood, with member. 30 Mar A group of Filipino optometrists will provide free eye consultations, lectures, and eyeglasses to the community on Friday, according to a report by Gulf Today. Current trending headlines on overseas Filipino workers (OFW), Pinoy achievers, immigration guides and employment abroad. 3 Aug You know you're grown up when snotty peers stop calling you “freaky four eyes” or “nerd” when caught wearing reading glasses. In the adult world, eyewear is cool. Sporting eyewear is the perfect way to deliver a fashion statement boldly. It's a classic, utilitarian accessory that instantly grabs attention.

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You can buy them online if you wish but I for celeb mon want to see how the frame fits me first before buying. Cat eyes are the most feminine and flattering among shades. Ezekiel November 8, at 9: I did my research and boom! Images could not be properly credited because they were obtained from public online forums. glasses pinoy

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